Reboot, Raven #2


From part II, “Kyoto: Hell On Earth”: “Reboot, Raven” #2

“Yes, Gando detective office.” Gando picks up the phone. As usual, Shikibe puts on UNIX headphones and runs the reverse IP detection program. “…Gando=san, is that you? The successor of the legendary detective, Kuruze Ken=san…” A flanger-like synthetic voice is heard from the receiver.
A program-generated voice? No, that’s not it. It’s just that the client does not want to reveal their identity. This doesn’t smell too good. However, it does smell of good money… “Yeah, that’s right,” Gando replies with a calm smile while giving Shikibe the sign to turn off the o-sumo broadcast. “It’s not in my nature to help those who don’t want to introduce themselves. However…”
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Ninja… Heads-up!

DOOMO, mina=san. Still not dead, just been a bit busy moving to a new system. “Reboot, Raven” #2 should be up around this weekend. Until then, you can watch the first episode of Ninja Slayer TV version, uploaded to Youtube by Trigger themselves! Gouranga!

EDIT: As you can see, it’s taking more time than I thought, so I’m gunning for the regular Thursday update now. At least I’m going to have more free time very soon.

Reboot, Raven #1


From part II, “Kyoto: Hell On Earth”: “Reboot, Raven” #1

Private detective Takagi Gando has a nightmare. Wrapped in a fuuton of cold water, he sinks, looking up at the moon of Gaion distorted by the ripples. This is nothing even he can crack a joke about. …Oioi, Buddha, this is one lame joke. If it was samurai detective Saigo, what would he say?
An itch in his hippocampus. A monochrome-like world of nothing but light and darkness. What a creepy place, he thinks. No color, no music, no warmth. Like a raven that can’t calm down, he looks around. A silhouette of a tied-up person to the upper right. …He remembers. He must help the woman. But a drizzling Gaussian-like noise obstructs his vision. The feeling of chewing on white sand hits him.
Does that mean I am welcome, or that I’m not? Hey, can I go back? There’s a rikishi league broadcast airing today. …His body keeps sinking. Down to the bottom of cold water, slowly. On Gando’s retina display, a large “REBOOT” is projected in mincho font, blinking red and shaking left and right. Continue reading “Reboot, Raven #1”

NinSatsu Lore: Cloning Ninja Slayer manga


A truly magical thing has happened to the Ninja Slayer main manga series not too long ago: it was split into two. And I don’t mean that it’s two separate series now: rather, it comes up twice as often nowadays, covering two different episodes at a time. Since that might’ve went under the radar of some Western ninjaheads, I would like to explain it in a little bit more detail.

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Ninja Slayer never dies… Literally


DOOMO. It’s me! You might have thought that I’m dead, but I’m not, just very busy. This year has been a tough one so far, as I have to juggle my job, my search for a better job, my other translation projects and my hobbies. Luckily, things have finally gotten pretty stable by now, so I figured I should finally write my first post of the year here. That is especially appropriate now that the Ninja Slayer anime is making its comeback on the Japanese TV. There may be no raws yet, but there will be a Nicovideo stream very soon, and it sounds like we got new ending themes in it – with the first one being performed by The Pillows!

So, what’s the plan for now? It goes something like this:

– Finish Flashfight Run Kill Attack (Done!)
– Translate the lyrics for “Ninja Soul” (Will be done later today)
– Update the older posts with the latest manga updates (Will also be done later today)
– Translate some interesting Ninja Slayer news that you might like (Might take a while, should be done by the end of the week)
– Get working on the new Ninja Slayer episode (Expect it by next Thursday)
– Translate more ED lyrics (Doing this at the end of an episode sounds fitting, though that means waiting a while in case of long episodes – might do this more often?)

That’s pretty much it, I think. Now, I have a rough idea about which episode to pick next: it’s not the one that was adapted in the anime, it’s popular among the Japanese ninjaheads, it introduces an important character that returns in many future episodes, and its individual parts are shorter than average (that will make it easier for me to find room for it in my schedule). Let’s hope it doesn’t take me another four months to translate.

Until then, otasshade!

Flashfight Run Kill Attack #3


(“YEEART!” Cysamurai dodges the kick with an elegant bridge! And activates the wheels that are installed in his palms, as well! Still in the bridge pose, he slides away, giving himself about three tatamis worth of distance! “Have you gone mad? No, that’s not it.” As he rotates while rising up, Cysamurai takes the fighting stance. “A possession, isn’t it! Alias=san, correct? Can’t put one’s guard against you.”)
(“That’s actually exactly what Gorgon=san did! All because he went all cocky without even knowing about my jitsu. Should’ve thought about the consequences.” Gorgon (Alias) assumes the karate stance. “You know, even if it’s someone this creepy, the bodies of male ninjas sure feel good… Old habits die hard!”)

From part III, “Ninja Slayer Never Dies”: “Flashfight Run Kill Attack” #3

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